Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I've managed to get half our technology working !

Rain stopped play this morning, so time to catch up on a few jobs that have been on the back burner while we've been busy in the fields.
We recently sprayed the oilseed rape and I was interested to see how accurate GPS drilling was.

The crop has established well, but it has been dry and growth is slow. It is getting a drink from this morning's rainfall... 8mm in 2hours so far.

In the photo below, last year's curved tramline can be seen straddling the new straight GPS tramline

The picture below shows the sprayer route around the field, just about spot on!!

The next job was to check the crop store temperatures where the spring beans are drying, all looks well, with a click of a button the fan is turned off during the wet weather. Not bad as the store is 2.5 miles away! I suppose you could activate it from the other side of the world in the internet age

The temperatures in the store at Loddington is okay, but I still need to change some batteries in one of the sensors. I better get on with that now..... and visit the stores to make sure the computer is telling the truth.

As our other technology and the GPS on the combine, that is a story for another time.

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