Friday, 18 September 2015

High and Lows - Joys and Woes

We're on the home run, in what had become a rather 'normal harvest' in terms of weather patterns. Fine and dry weather whilst crops ripen then, show them the combine and down come the August showers. Before the picture and harvest progress here are this season's highs and woes.

  • Its always a pleasure to work in the countryside during the summer months
  • Yields are up on our 5 year average
  • The benefits of reduced tillage are becoming apparent
  • I love GPS automatic steering on combine and tractors
  • The weather has helped chit our 'No. 1 Public Enemy' - Blackgrass
  • Blackgrass - We continue to 'fight the good fight'
  • Low commodity prices - will we ever have proper functioning market place on a level playing field
  • Late harvest has delayed osr and cover crop drilling, a week  or two in August is critical for good establishment
So with 2016's harvest oil seed rape just putting some true leaves out, 116 acres of beans to harvest here are some of our summer photos.

The name of the game at this time of year is combining
'Two or three mows and pollen & nectar shows'

Reasonable oats yields surpassing our previous best  - over 8 tonne/ha for some fields
The bees are in the borage
Growing the winter bird table feed -millet, kale and cereals
Sunshine on a rainy day
The dust did occasionally fly in early September
Cover crop drilling delayed by later harvest - fingers crossed!!
Loddington's 'Sunflower Strip'
The last wheat to cut - 13th September 2015
Apart from a frustrating 'Ad Blue' feed problem early doors the combine performed well.

This just about sums up  showery summer rain filled harvest