Monday, 30 September 2013

Down on the Farm

Whats been happening" Down on the Farm"

Two legged mole plough.. improving the drainage
What a difference 12 months make... cracks in soil and we need some rain now
This oat and radish cover crop needs a drink
Blackgrass in amongst the osr
Flower/pollen and nectar plot preparation

Scarified plot ready for flowers/pollen and nectar

Seeding flower margins


Kings Campaign mix cover crop
Leicester Longwools could become Loddington Longwools

Combining spring beans 27th September 4.5t/ha from this field

nice heap in the store.. looks like average will be 3.7- 4.00 t/ha 

10.00am this morning ...last field of spring oats to complete this years harvest


7.00pm Last trailer into store... Goodbye Harvest 2013

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