Thursday, 26 January 2017

Ode to Brexit

My last contribution to the NFU's 'British Farmer and Grower' as Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland County Chairman is an poem! Enjoy!!!!!!

Since late June we often ponder,
On the type of future that lies yonder.
There's a cacophony of noise like chicks in a nest,
As one and all tell us what’s best.

As we drift away from our European mooring,
Our stern line snipped, it’s not the time for tit tat point-scoring.
A brave new era of opportunities and trade,
Built on the brand of British made.

Fruit and vegetables all need labour,
Much supplied by our continental neighbour.
Conundrums to solve and circles to square,
We’ll need a system that’s agreeable and fair.

There’s talk of rewards for public goods,
Cleaner air and water by planting plenty of woods?
We can’t be green if our businesses are red,
Is innovation and market the roadmap ahead?

Technology to help yields from sustainable soil,
Seems just reward for our endeavours and toil.
Safe, secure and wholesome food,
Such a Government policy would seem quite shrewd.

Is it time for the appliance of science?
Or a simpler way of delivering Cross Compliance?
Agri-environment, rural landscape and health,
The foundations on which to build a nation’s wealth.

Can we take an information vacation?
Get smarter at saying less with short precise notation.
No more gold medals for delivering red tape.
Halve the rules as we try to reshape.

Farming’s offer to Britain is to keep a nation fed,
With an enhanced environment in the years ahead.
We might see this as productive and lean
But remember people help deliver this rural scene.