Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Backing British Farming Charter

Farming Delivers For Leicestershire and Rutland was launched at the Melton Food Festival on Saturday.  NFU LNR Chairman Richard Harris and Vice Chairman Phil Jarvis also signed the 'Back British Farming Charter' with celebrity chefs and food experts, Teresa Bovey, Stephen Hallam, Rachel Green, Jo Pratt and Alan Coxon.

“We’re very pleased to have the opportunity to showcase Leicestershire and Rutland’s farming story. It is a very visible way of showing farming’s strategic importance to our counties’ economy, its food heritage, the landscape and our future,” said Richard Harris.

Phil Jarvis commented  "It was a fantastic event on Saturday and it's tremendous to see the number of food retailers and customers. Leicestershire and Rutland farmers should be proud of the products they produce for the food market"
Food Festival organiser, Matthew O’Callaghan says: “Melton Mowbray is very proud of its food heritage; we’re known as the rural capital of food, and we wouldn’t be here without the strong foundations and the strong links between local food and local farmers. I know that farming delivers not just great ingredients for our cheeses, pork pies and the vast variety of food we produce in Leicestershire and Rutland, but also the landscape we love, green energy and jobs for now and the future.

“By signing the Back British Farming charter, we’ll be confirming the importance that food and farming play in our counties and in Britain. And by signing the charter, we’ll be showing our trust for our farmers who produce safe, wholesome food, on our doorsteps.”

NFU’s Farming Delivers for Leicestershire and Rutland is the latest strand in the NFU’s national campaign, rolled out this year to showcase the value of our industry in many different spheres. The Back British Farming Charter asks everyone to sign up to support our farmers in producing food to feed the nation, to work with the retailers, caterers and government to support British farmers and to pledge to buy British food.

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