Wednesday, 18 September 2013

September Report

All the spring barley and Spring oil seed rape is now cut and that leaves the spring beans and 75 acres of spring oats. Fingers crossed the forecast looks a little more promising for next week.

200 acres of winter oilseed rape was sown in the last week of August with the Claydon direct drill,  micro-nutrients were incorporated in the seed bed.  GPS plotted our tramlines and what a joy to roll and spray without peering into the abyss looking for slight indentations left by pre-emergence markers. A half rate of slug pellets and pre-emergence herbicide completed the operations.

Pre-emergence markers are easy to follow

More time to take in the wonderful Leicestershire landscape

Sometimes tramline planning doesn't always work out
The oilseed rape has now emerged although for nearly a fortnight the plants were short of moisture.
We will give the crop 28kgs of N and apply a graminicide to help with volunteer cereal control. Black grass and brome may take a bit more to control.

There is rape emerging here... promise!

Close up
Black grass is waiting in the wings !!!
 We have sown a cover crop on two fields that are coming into spring beans. Fodder radish and oats are just coming through. The late drilling date of Sept 1st, may not make this as successful as planned

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