Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Ten Highlights from #NFU14

1. Peter Kendall, terrific leadership and  leaves the NFU in good health.

2. The entertainers ....Jim Rogers, Edward Garner (Kantar World Panel) and the irrepressible Gyles Brandreth.... how we laughed!!!

3. The conference organisation ... hats off to Val Gatfield and her team, I found it faultless. Well done to all those in social media world, its nearly as quick as the spoken word. In an industry where many work in isolated locations, it offers information, education, humour and a virtual agri-community.

4. How to do it without subsidies, the New Zealand way - Sir Lockwood Smith was the first Smith to have a good conference.

5. The opportunities and dilemmas of Agri-tech and CAP reform. Detail please on Greening!!!

6. George Freeman - Championing Agri-science.

7. Supermarket Sweep - cleaning out the cupboard of promises and the future food chain integration in the 'Whose Backing British Session' with Jay Rayner.

8. The 'Commodity Breakouts' always provide a chance to get into a 'Sector Silo' and remember we all started as farmers!!!

9. The ICC as a venue is terrific, the conference gives a great opportunity for many in the agricultural sector to exchange ideas.

10. The new NFU team..... a final twist in the conference story. Congratulations to the new office holders, Meurig Raymond, Minette Batters and Guy Smith .

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