Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Beans In, Wheat Still Out

The more settled spell of weather has allowed us to drill 100 acres of oats, 60 acres of winter beans and catch up on a bit of spraying. Conditions were not ideal but 90% of the field is acceptable. We have drilled beans into cultivated ground and direct drilled some straight into stubble.

Deep tine cultivation in September and Claydon drilled beans on 26/11/13

Closer look at seedbed from above

Direct drilled beans with Claydon on 26/11/13

More straw and a less open 'slot' in this seedbed
The ground does need to dry up a little more before we can spray any pre-emergence herbicide. Whilst the beans went in well our last 65 acres of wheat has defeated us and we will need some wind to dry the ground to improve conditions, the sun has lost it's drying power.

However, some direct drilled wheat after grass has emerged well. At first glimpse, this crop seemed to be struggling, but on closer inspection and with the sun behind........

One single application of glyphosate, Drill and roll. Crop looks thin looking into the hill.

Same field, the Cordiale wheat looks well and field has drained well after recent rain


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