Saturday, 24 August 2013

Harvest Update

Whilst we started harvest on the 12th August with some winter oats, the oil seed rape and winter wheat combining only really got going on the 19th August.

Oil seed rape yields are disappointing and if we make 2.5t/ha, we will be lucky.

The wheat is certainly better than last year, some areas have tillered well and ears large. Specific weight is good above 75 kg. However, the areas sprayed off and bare patches will probably drag our final average down to 7.5 t/ha.

Oil seed rape drilling starting on Sunday, weather permitting !!!

Some areas have been terrific.......

If only the wheat would average this.....

Early morning spraying off spring rape.... a couple of months ago we
 considered getting rid of this crop... glad we didn't

Our community orchard looks like it will have a harvest this year, two years after planting

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