Monday, 20 May 2013

Storing up problems !

Well the spring crops are growing, but very slowly. After the wet, came the dry and now we have the cold. Here are some of our spring beans and spring oilseed rape which are struggling to get moving.
We are pleasantly surprised by how well the beans have emerged after the Claydon, considering the drilling conditions were awful and we had to roll. The secret was not going to early, cold wet soils make for patchy emergence and poor soil conditions. The later Claydon drilled spring cereals had plenty of  moisture and the one pass cultivate/drill system has given some even emergence. (more pictures of these crops soon)

The concern is the late harvest and storing up problems for next years crops !!

One plant is growing very well - the blackgrass !!

Fury spring beans drilled with Claydon on April 3rd

Clipper Spring oilseed drilled with Vaderstad on 19th April

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