Sunday, 8 April 2012

Woodland Kings

The majority of our woodland and hedgerow work has been completed. We have selected scores of mature trees to be felled over the course of this winter and spring. The thinned woodland aims to create a more structured understorey, allowing more biodiversity and habitat. 2011 woodland clear fell areas have been 'beaten up' replanting those trees that failed to establish, We have planted over 1000 metres of new hedgerow, with a mix of hawthorn, holly, privet and hazel. Our work has been supported by EWGS and HLS grants. James Watchorn and Richard Barnes(Kings) have had their first farm visit, devising a number of new mixes, drives and habitats to meet our conservation and shoot requirements. We have relocated a release pen to a more central part of the farm to form a new shoot drive.

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