Friday, 7 February 2014

In between the storms....part 2

It seems somewhat trivial to give a 'wet' Loddington farm update when the coast line of the United Kingdom is being battered by the sea and farmers in Somerset are facing such monumental challenges. Being near the head of the valley our water flows down the Eyebrook into the reservoir of the same name and into the River Welland on its way to The Wash.

This is the wettest ground conditions I can remember in over 20 years, the total rain might not have surpassed 2012, but our heavy ground is sodden. Whilst on a crop walking journey around the farm I took a few photos to give an idea of what conditions are like.
Water glistening on the sides of the valley.
Paired ponds -Full Up

Biobed Project - rain stopped play !!

Winter beans finally emerging!
Late drilled Cordiale wheat tries to shake off its waterlogged feet
This was taken in 2010 and shows sediment deposited on the edge of the field.

In 2014 the oil  radish/ oats cover crop, before spring beans,
has kept significantly more soil in the field

Oil radish and oats close up

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