Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Rainwater, Diesel and Biobed

The rainwater harvesting tank is now in place at Loddington, the debris filter on top has an inlet and outlet and a siphon overflow from the tank back into the drainpipe. One of the more interesting puzzles for farm staff !!
We hope to fill sprayer from this tank as often as possible and it will be useful when using products which require no chlorinated water.  (Not fluoridated water as previously blogged)

10,000 litre rainwater storage
We are also in the process of upgrading our diesel tank and have to put this in place before we move on to our biobed. The concrete falls, drainage sumps and general logistics to comply with all the rules and regulations is a challenging exercise! 
10,000 litre double skinned diesel tank being lowered into position by Phil Jarvis

Once the diesel tank is in position we can position the new spray shed, water tanks and complete the spray filling area.

Water tank and sump tanks ready for biobed phase of the project

The hard work then begins getting the drainage sumps, pumps and drip irrigation to work properly. However, the planning first then the logistics......

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